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Defence counsel also asked you a series of questions about nationalities of people fighting in Sierra Leone and he asked you, "The Sierra Leonean army also had Liberians amongst their ranks, didn't they?" Defence counsel, I am now at page 13085. You answered, "Yes, I knew that during the time that we joined the AFRC I saw a group who called themselves STF, but they were not many."

Question from Defence counsel, "But the STF were Liberians, weren't they?", and your answer was, "Yes, I used to hear them speak the Liberian language, but they were not many."

The next question from Defence counsel was, "And the Liberians fighting for the STF were opposed to Charles Taylor, weren't they?" Your question [sic], "Well, I did not know about that." Then the question, "But they were fighting against the AFRC/RUF, weren't they?", and the answer, "Yes, at that time. Later we came together."

Mr Witness, to your recollection during the junta with whom, or on whose side, were the STF fighting?

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