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After I got that understanding I went to Foya for me to be able to go to Sierra Leone, but at that time Benjamin Yeaten was based in Foya. He was there to coordinate the missions that they were running out there in Liberia and Guinea. So when I went there I met him, Benjamin Yeaten, and I told him that I was going to General Issa Sesay, so he provided a vehicle for me and one of his bodyguards called Junior Bayalo [phon] escorted me, but on my way going I met Junior Vandi and Daf, that is Dauda Fornie. They were in some UN vehicles. So he said it was CO Issa who had sent them to Benjamin Yeaten so that the word will be sent over to his dad Charles Taylor. So we returned to Foya.

After our return to Foya Junior Vandi and others called Benjamin Yeaten and told him that Issa Sesay sent them and he said that the word should be taken to the Pa Charles Taylor that they had captured so many UN troops with guns from them. So the Pa Charles Taylor, they needed advice from him.

So after Junior Vandi and Daf had given the message to Benjamin Yeaten, Benjamin Yeaten responded that his dad Charles Taylor will immediately know about that. So I went with Junior Vandi and others back to Sierra Leone and when I went and met with CO Issa Sesay, he told me that he will give me one vehicle, a pick-up from the same UN vehicles, so that my operations will be fast tracked for me to be able to be taking the arms and ammunition. So he gave me the vehicle. So I went with this vehicle to Monrovia.

When I arrived in Monrovia it did not take long when Benjamin Yeaten told me and that time Benjamin Yeaten told me that I should try and call Issa Sesay and that his dad Charles Taylor wanted to see him urgently, so I sent. Issa Sesay came. He came to Monrovia. When they arrived in Monrovia they went and met the Pa Charles Taylor. After they had gone there and held a meeting with him, from there when Issa Sesay and others returned home he was telling me that to his surprise when they went to the Pa Charles Taylor they met Sam Bockarie there and he said the Pa said he wanted to negotiate between them for the things that happened in Sierra Leone so as to enable Mosquito to go back.

But the two of them had serious argument. Sam Bockarie complained that it was Issa Sesay who made him to leave Sierra Leone to come to Liberia and Issa Sesay too was saying that he - it was he who did not listen to the Pa. So there was a heated argument between the two of them. From there he said the Pa Charles Taylor went angry and he said, "Benjamin Yeaten, take Issa Sesay back." So he said they came to the guesthouse and he left Mosquito there. So those were some of the things that happened.

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