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Yes. After Sam Bockarie had returned to Freetown and when Foday Sankoh too had gone to Freetown, Sam Bockarie went directly to Buedu and after some time Jungle, Daniel Tamba, came to me at my assignment area. He came to me and told me that Sam Bockarie had arrived, but that he came with a good number of manpower and there were soldiers fighting together with him. He said he had brought them and they had gone to the Pa, Charles Taylor. He said when they arrived to Charles Taylor Mosquito told Charles Taylor that the manpower that he had brought he wanted the manpower to be recruited into the ATU to undergo training, so he said the Pa agreed. So from there Mosquito said the Pa, Charles Taylor, had agreed to take a house for Mosquito in Monrovia, so all the other manpower that came with Sam Bockarie to Monrovia all of them went to be trained as ATU. So, that was the message I received.

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