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Yes. When Superman and Sam Bockarie were having the dispute about the weapons that we captured from Kabala, they hadn't good communication between them from Kabala all the way to Binkolo. When we got to Binkolo we received a radio call from Sam Bockarie from Kailahun telling Superman that they should leave all the past behind them and join hands together to get Makeni - to join Rambo in Makeni to get to the barracks and control RUF in a proper manner. What I meant by Superman cooperated, indeed Superman went to Makeni and joined Rambo to attack Makeni Teko barracks and the attack was successful. Superman - also later, when we were having problems, Superman joined Rambo and Komba Gbundema and we advanced on Lunsar under the same command of Sam Bockarie to Waterloo, so that's what I meant that Superman cooperated with Sam Bockarie at the time after that communication.

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