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Yes. When we moved from Makeni, Lunsar, up to Waterloo, we met the Guinean forces in Waterloo. We tried to attack them from - to push them out of Waterloo for us to go to Freetown. So the Guineans troops forced their way to retreat towards Gberi Junction, and that was the same route we took and because Issa Sesay and Superman were there, but he was not on the front line so I did not make mention of him there. We captured the 40 barrel missile between - we captured the 40 barrel missile between Waterloo, Masiaka to Lunsar, together with the bombs, and he was the one who was supposed to give the report on this. That was why they mentioned his name because he was in command at that time, but Rambo was the front line commander who captured the missile and the bombs.

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