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They did not say it like that. They said we did not arrange that they should be giving me something. I said, "No, check your record. You used to give me and Sophie promised me that the same money that they used to give me before I came here they will be able to help me with that same money and now you are telling me that you don't have any record about that". I said, "Please, check your record". He was telling me something different that I didn't understand.

I said okay. I made the complaints to WVS. I went back to WVS and made the complaints there that the management is giving me a problem and I am having problems with my family in Liberia. So I think they worked on it. After Brenda went to Sierra Leone she called me and gave me this $300 and I signed for it. I was Rob Hotston who gave me the money and I signed for the money. It was the same Rob Hotston that I gave the money to take to Liberia.

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