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When I came to Freetown I think it was an arrangement between Prosecution, those that brought me to Freetown, and WVS. They told WVS and witness management about my family in Liberia. So I met the witness management boss before. I think that was a woman whom they called Sophie. I explained to her and she said, "Okay, the money that they gave to you before you came every six months - I think every six months we will be able to give you that same money to be sending to your family", but when Sophie left another management - witness management - another boss came, Rosco. Rosco told me that he or she will not be able to give that money to me at this time. And I said okay, I agreed. So it was Brenda that gave me the money. She said they should give me the money because I had my family over there in Liberia. They should give me $300 for me to send and I appreciated it.

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