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They told me after six months every six months they will give me something to be sending for my family. After this other six months when I asked them they said they cannot afford to give me any other money to send for my family because, you know, so and so, blah, blah, blah, and I said no. I said no. I said, "You should give me something. Whatever amount you should give me, I know you are not paying me". They said they were not able to afford anything and I said okay and I sat down.

I was sitting down one day when one Mustapha called me and said I should put my case across and I put my case across to WVS and I think they forwarded the case to - I think they forwarded the case and after that Brenda went to Freetown and called me up and said, "We know that you have your family over there and there is no way to support them. Sign for this $300 and send it for your family". So I signed for the $300 and I gave it to one of the Prosecutors to take for me to Liberia for my family.

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