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They proposed to me to leave Liberia for Sierra Leone and I told them that, "How would I leave Liberia for Sierra Leone when I have a small job here? I can do a job here and make money out of that job". They said, "Oh, because of this particular reason that we are using you to go and call this particular individual we may not know - maybe he will comply with us or not. It would be a threat to you. So we would like you to leave this country and go over there". I told them I will think about that.

I called my pastor the phone and I told him the same thing and he said, "Okay, if the people say you should go don't refuse them, they know what they are talking about". So I too decided that I would go. Then they said, "Okay, before you leave we know that you will lose your job at the embassy. We will not be able to pay you or accommodate you to be supporting your family so that you will be able to support your family here". I said, "Okay, I accept".

The hour and the minute that I was leaving Pete McLaren came with $700 came and said, "I want you to leave this money with your family. You should give $300 to your daughter and other $300 to the other girl and the $100 to their mother. When you go over there every six months maybe we will be sending something to them" and I said, "Okay, I accept". That is how the $700 came about.

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