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Mr Witness, we broke off yesterday in August 2006 when we were looking at the money that you had been paid by the Prosecution for the most part for information and I would like you please to go back to tab 19 and if we look at the second page yesterday we calculated that by July, by the end of July 2006, you'd had 575 US dollars almost entirely for information, just $25 for transport or lost wages, and then in addition to that tab 8 another 100, that's 675, tab 9, 200, that's 875 and then tab 10 you are given $100 for your family's accommodation and food, that's 975. Then we get to tab 11, the one that you were looking at when we were actually considering the previous - sorry, not tab 11, paragraph 11, when we were all looking at the previous paragraphs. Paragraph 11 is another $700, US dollars, for your family support while you were away from home and then not $200 as you were telling us yesterday, but $250 to get you from Monrovia to Freetown. Do you remember yesterday saying that you remembered well that the first time you were given $200 it was to take you from Monrovia to Freetown?

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