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The Court ruled that if I dealt with it it would be in open session. As I indicated this morning, perhaps not very articulately, I have two objections before we go into it. One, since it was not dealt with in the direct examination I can say this in open session, my objection is it's beyond the scope of direct examination.

The second is, as I indicated this morning, in reviewing my application I dealt with several areas two months ago on the closed session. When I articulated the reasons that the witness had security concerns in this area I did not articulate all of those reasons, and I would like the chance to give the Court additional information about the reasons that this witness indicated to us before he testified that this is an area that if covered publicly will put him in danger and his family in danger and he was not willing to do that. I can explain that to the Court more fully what those reasons are, but because of the Court's ruling that it couldn't be dealt with except in open session based on my other application we did not cover it and so it is not part of his direct examination.

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