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Your Honours, I'm now going to move to an area that was discussed towards the end of this witness's evidence-in-chief. I think it was on 25 June. It was one of the areas that your Honours ruled could be dealt with in open session but, out of courtesy to my learned friend, it's one of the areas that he didn't then cross-examine on because of the Court's ruling and he indicated this morning that he wanted to raise other matters that he hadn't raised on the previous occasion and so I'm effectively inviting my learned friend to deal with any matters that he omitted to deal with when the Court ruled previously if he wants to.

I see there's some consternation on the part of at least one of your colleagues. Mr Koumjian this morning raised with the Court that there were areas of evidence that he didn't deal with in chief after the Court ruled on 25 June that those areas would have to be dealt with in open session. I now propose to go into one of those areas with this witness. I would seek to do so in the light of the Court's ruling in open session, but out of courtesy to my learned friend, since he's already mentioned to me that he wants to raise other matters with the Court about those issues that you ruled could be heard in open session, I think it's only right that the Court should hear from him before I embark upon them.

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