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Yes. After he went to Freetown I sat down and looked into my own situation and I said this: This is not life. For one person's business, for President Taylor's business, for his business they've jailed me. I have not seen any benefit and I start thinking within myself.

I contacted one or two persons from my family and friends, I contacted them and I told them and they said oh. Even the church that I was attending, I contacted my pastor and he said, "Oh, you should take your time for your security, you know that you are well known within the country, so take your time, but we do not think it would be bad, just go and clarify your own area, what you know", and that's what I'm doing here today. What I know is what I'm clarifying, but for one person's business I wouldn't go around hiding wherever I go, after our futures had all been spoilt.

So I thought within myself. I thought within myself and I became willing to come and testify. For me to walk from Freetown to come here to come and testify I was willing. I, I was willing willingly. If I say they should pay me they wouldn't be able to pay me, but I'm willing to testify.

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