The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Okay. You see, this thing that we're on, it's just a stigma on us. Wherever we went, people point finger at us. At present we even have problems with that. During Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's campaign we were running the campaign well. I was using the satellite phone, the Thuraya phone. When she took power, all of us that they knew that had links with President Taylor they sent some people to Ghana for training and they left us out. After that they just left us out. They took up with the SSS and they said we should not be part of that, and I know that it was for that crime that was over my head that they decided to jail me - President Taylor's. I was having a newspaper - I think Special Court should have some of those newspapers. I saw it in the newspaper that so and so general for President Taylor has been arrested for so and so reason and the newspaper carried different news. They accused me of different things, so I knew that it was because of his business that they arrested me.

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