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Up to the present moment, I don't have any good reason. I don't know about any good reason. For me they just abused my rights, they held me, they went and detained me, because they said the constitution said in Liberia when you arrest somebody for three days he should be taken to court. I demanded that I be taken to court, but they just held me there.

Whilst I was there I later understood that it was because of President Taylor's business, and they said we were strong people there for him and they decided to arrest me and if we were outside we would serve as threat to them, so they decided to go and keep me inside. And after that, after they had arrested him at the Cameroon border - after they had arrested him at the Cameroon border that was the day they released me and when they released me they took me to the Ministry of Justice.

So when they said they had arrested President Taylor they said there was no reason for me to be outside. They took me back to the jail. But after they had brought him to Freetown they decided to release me, but I knew within myself that it was because of his own business that I was arrested and so I did not see any reason for which I was detained. They did not tell me anything. I was detained.

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