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Well, I am asking the Court to admit it along with the testimony. I am not sure about the words "through the witness", but what I am pointing out is that this document is relevant to the witness's evidence because he has already named - given evidence that would help corroborate the authenticity of this document. There is case law, and I believe one is a pre-trial decision in Prlac, P-R-L-A-C, saying that documents can be admitted through a witness when the witness can talk about either the relevance of the document, the probative value of the document or some evidence as to the authenticity of the document.

Clearly this witness has not - we are not saying that he saw this document, it was created after he was the mining commander, but he recognises the places, he recognises some of the names he has told you about in his testimony of - he stated of these places that they were mining sites and the names and he has told you how records was kept. He has gone into detail of how records were kept in the normal course of mining.

So it is directly relevant and it would make more sense when your Honours and the parties consider the evidence at the end that this document go along with this witness's testimony, because it is most relevant of all the witnesses that we have heard to this witness's testimony. Thank you for your patience in hearing me. Thank you.

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