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Yes, and specifically I note the decision in Fofana, as your Honour points out, where they said the reason the rule is different, 92 bis, was because in the Special Court the objective was to avoid technical rules of evidence that would preclude relevant evidence from coming in or from very difficult hurdles of admitting evidence that is clearly relevant before the Trial Chamber could consider it. And specifically, I think if you look at I think it is Justice Robertson's consenting opinion, it may also be in the majority opinion, they talk about how in the situation of the Special Court, especially where a truth commission exists and other organisations have submitted large reports about the crimes that occurred, it would not make sense to have to prove all of that all over again.

So our position is that 92 bis was never meant to make it more difficult in the Special Court to get documents into evidence than they are in other tribunals, and it would not make sense to say it applies to every document because then it would preclude any document that goes to the acts and conduct of the accused from being admitted into evidence.

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