The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Yes, only points of law. Your Honour, the matters that counsel says are preconditions for the admission of a document, there is specific case law that none of these are preconditions for the admission of a document that it is required that the author be known, that it is required that a witness be available to testify to how the document was prepared, or that it is required that an original be presented. Case law specifically says those are not required. In fact in this case, as I mentioned at the beginning of my application, the original is here in court and that is what we are seeking to admit at this time. It is a book that the Court Officer has.

The Defence position is inconsistent, because the Defence has put into evidence documents that have absolutely no tie in to the witnesses who have testified about that they have been presented to and just off the top of my head I will give a few examples. In the testimony of Moses Blah, the autopsy report of Sam Bockarie was put to the witness who said he had no information about the autopsy. Obviously, it was not a --

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