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Mr Witness, your last answer that you gave included a lot of pronouns. You said "he" a lot and it's not clear who you are talking about, so let me read back my question and your answer and then ask you to repeat your answer putting the names instead of saying "he". I was asking you about whether Sam Bockarie went anywhere on that trip to Monrovia and you said:

"We were at the house when Jungle came with the jeep and he called him and he said Benjamin Yeaten was calling on him, so they went, but when they went and on his return he told us that it was the Pa who called him and all of us knew that when he said the Father he was referring to Charles Taylor. He said he was the one that called on him."

So I would ask you to explain that again but using the names. When I asked you if Sam Bockarie went anywhere other than Jungle's house, tell us what you know about that.

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