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Okay. Like for instance let's say this is the scale, the hole where you drop the diamond is here and let's assume this is a diamond and you will see on the scale indicated "G" and that "G" stands for garat and that "P" is also indicated on the scale and you see it is percentage and the "G" stands for garatage. And when you drop the diamonds into the hole you watch right here. If you see any number appear here, if you see a 2 or 3 it means it is 2 or 3 carats and what you look under here for is percentage and any number that comes after the 2 carat or 3 carat, you see it, it is the percentage, you see it written percentage. So any number that you see here is percentage. You will not refer it to as carat, it's percentage. And any number that is indicated under here the "G" here is the garat. That is normally what we used to do.

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