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We have considered the confidential report made on behalf of the Registrar, the submissions of the parties and the confidential information provided to us in chambers. In the light of these considerations, the Trial Chamber is still not satisfied that there is any rational basis or justification for Mr Taylor being subjected to the increased security measures. We register our concern that if this situation is not resolved it could result in serious disruption of the trial. Accordingly, we direct the Registrar to continue to investigate a speedy resolution of the situation and direct that he reports to us by 9.30 a.m. on 25 August, that is Monday, on what he has achieved. We note the advice of Defence counsel that Mr Taylor will be in attendance at court tomorrow, but has indicated that his continued attendance is conditional upon the security measures complained of being removed.

We therefore adjourn the case to tomorrow at 9.30. We note that Mr Munyard is ill and that the Prosecution is prepared to proceed with another witness if Mr Munyard is still unable to attend. We adjourn the case.

Please adjourn the case until 9.30 tomorrow.

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