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Thank you, Madam President. The Prosecution would not only be happy for this to happen, we would encourage it, that you be given the information in chambers. We don't believe that this is a matter pertaining to the trial so that full disclosure is not required, and in many instances we believe the withholding of such disclosure would be prudent and necessary when dealing with risk assessments and perhaps the basis for those assessments and so we believe that would be a perfectly appropriate vehicle for use.

We do reiterate our position that the accused's voluntary absence should not prevent the trial from moving forward. We also understand that Mr Munyard was the counsel, or is the counsel, who will be conducting this cross-examination, and in his absence we could not go forward and we do believe that it is most efficient if we do deal with the cross-examination of this witness before moving on to other witnesses. So because of Mr Munyard's absence we would say that we would not be able to move forward today, but again our position would be that as soon as Mr Munyard is able to be in court and conduct the cross-examination we move forward even if the accused continues to refuse to attend.

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