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May it please the Trial Chamber, yes, your Honour, if I might briefly just give you some additional information upon which you might base any decision on how to proceed today. The ICC authorities at the detention centre informed Mr Taylor, it is my information, on 13 August 2008, that's last Wednesday, that the security would go from medium level to high level and that this change in security level was not applicable only to Mr Taylor, but also to one ICC detainee.

Mr Taylor voiced objections, as Mr Griffiths admitted, to two conditions and Mr Taylor expressed those same objections to me on Friday, 15 August 2008. Mr Taylor appeared in a good condition, he has been in custody over the recess and this morning at 8.25 we received from Mr Tjonk an absence from court form in which Mr Taylor was advised that proceedings would continue today and that his absence may be an implied waiver to his right to be present at trial and Mr Taylor declined to fill out that waiver form, having given instructions to counsel.

We have indeed addressed the Dutch transport authorities, the DV&O, about these two objections and they have not been able to accommodate us based on their security protocol. It's not that Mr Taylor is being - having security measures escalated being targeted at him, but rather it's just a changed security scene on the ground and those are all the - that's all the information I have at this point, your Honour.

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