The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Now, speaking of the helicopters you just spoke about, Madam Court Officer, may we go to tab 8, please. This is a record of interview you had with the Prosecution. It is undated. That is, we don't know when they had this interview with you, whether it was in person or whether it was by the phone. All we know is it took place some time ago. And here it says:

"The witness added to his previous statement the following: I did not see Taylor, Sankoh or Johnny Paul Koroma at Tongo. However, three times a helicopter landed at the headquarters football field in Tongo and on all three occasions civilians were ordered to remain indoors for several hours. The order was given by Sam Bockarie, alias Mosquito. Mosquito and his men said VIPs were coming and therefore all mining was stopped and civilians should remain in their houses."

Do you hear any reference to Liberia in what I have just read, Mr Witness?

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