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The life was not really suitable, but we were under threat to just work with them because already they have stated that if we don't work with them, while we have been working with the other three governments, i.e. the APC government, the PRNC government and then the SLPP government, now AFRC government is in power and we have run away from the chiefdom, therefore, we don't favour their government and wherever they caught anyone that was in - that was a native of Lower Bambara Chiefdom they were going to kill him. So, with that threat, we all came to one with paramount chief to form that committee and then just be camouflaging them as if we were part of them, but we were not to take any part actively in their bad doings, but only to go there and make sure that our brothers and sisters who were in the bush, we move them from the bush, bring them to their villages and then when anyone is being harmed we go and make a report to them; that is to the secretariat OC or Sam Bockarie who was the supreme head in that area.

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