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Fine. Yes, yes, it's different. If I can go further? I made a comment when I was doing some other statements some time. It's usual that "B" has been called that name or that relationship that I mentioned there. It is usual. Why? Why? I explained - I think I explained to some of the lawyers who were interviewing me, asking me questions some time ago, and somebody can prove that to be worthy. And why that happened, "B" was very, very, very small, I can say below the age of five, when my mother took her, right? And we grew up with that kind of impression that "B" is such a kind of - is related to me in that way. That is normally what has been happening.

And after the war and during the war and everywhere people were asking me, "What has happened? What has happened?" And I was mentioning "B" to be that kind of person to me. Everywhere people know. In fact only three people know that "B" is somewhat of what I mentioned here, right. But many people around our house, around our - I mean our area, people who know the family thought that "B" is what is mentioned here. That is clear.

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