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"B" was raped. As I informed you, "B" came and explained to us when I returned back, you know I mentioned an area where we come from getting the bush yams, right? And then we came hearing the gunshot. So after "B" explained to us what had happened, that "A" has been taken away and she went on to say further things in detail, which I did not mention, and I wrote that name there because after I went to Motema to get in contact with "A" and prayed with her and gave her the Bible, upon me returning to Bandafada I found my way, walk alone to Tongbodu where I discovered the rest of my family, I got the information from then that "B" has been recaptured again, right? And I wrote that name there - I wrote that name there because after every experience, about one year and four months as I said, after the experience, "B" and "A" really told me what happened. That was the reason why I wrote that statement there that "B" and "A" were raped.

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