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Now, if we could now please go behind divider 4 and behind that divider you should see a record of an interview conducted with you on 24 and 25 July this year. On that same topic of diamonds in July of this year you told the investigators this at paragraph 6:

"The witness stated that his father's house, which was the biggest in Motema, was near the police station. There was a kimberlite line, which is a rich belt of diamonds where the rebels were using civilians to mine. Civilians were still allowed to mine other areas on their on, but the rebels would monitor the pits and would take over the mines if they noticed that you were at the stage of washing stones. Once the stones were being washed they created the two pile system. Civilians were also allowed to mine in non-mineral rich areas, but they were still harassed if they found anything."

And then this:

"There were a lot of young men who mined for the rebels because they thought it would be a chance to earn money. They did not realise that it was all futile effort until they joined in. The witness knew guys that would go with the rebels to mine but not join them to fight. People were trying any ways to have something to eat or some money because it was a state of emergency. The witness stated he did not see anyone but forced to mine."

Is that true?

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