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That is not the only reason why I mentioned it in my statement that the reason why I left for Motema was my father was doing these businesses, right, and then - and he was actually counting on one of his sons to be a help mate, right, and so my mother was living in Freetown and the other members of the family were there. We had a big compound house. We have houses in Freetown. So, my mother was in charge of all of these things in Freetown. So, my father saw it - in fact that was one of his communications. He said it in Krio. He said, "Bo yu no go kam mek yu kam ep mi. Can't you come and help me in Kono? If you are not going to school sitting down idly", in fact idleness is number 1 in Freetown by then. We will be in the house in the morning just playing and then the mother will prepare the food, we eat, just like that. Idleness, complete idleness. So my father said, "Okay, for you to sit down, I mean, idling around, just come and help me. Come and let's involve in some activities." That was one of the reasons why I left for Motema.

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