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And they approached me and - they approached me and then they were pointing their weapon at me. Then I said, "I'm a civilian". But, fortunately, if I could refer again, I think I mentioned an area where in Mamboma I left my ID card, my technical institute ID card. I was doing a telecom engineering course in the Freetown Technical Institute. I had the ID in my possession and also my secondary school ID card. I used to keep all these cards in my wallet. I had my secondary school - I attended the Albert Academy secondary school. I had my technical institute ID card and my secondary school ID card. I had them with me in Mamboma.

By the time I was about to go and take my shower I left all my - you remember I said I left all my belongings in the bag and the bags were taken away. I mean I did not recover them any longer, not until when I was with the rebels, referring to the AFRC/RUF guys, after the training, you know. So after the training we got used to each other. We were, I mean, having good company, good conversation with each other. You know, kind of a friendship exist between all of us, right.

So there was one day somebody came to me. One young RUF/AFRC boy came to me said, "Emmanuel, I saw your picture somewhere". I said, "What?" You know I just dreamed - you know, I saw it impossible. I said, "How can you see my picture? Where? We don't have a camera here or whatever. How can you see my picture?" I said, "It's not me. It's somebody else". He said, "I am telling you the truth. I saw your picture somewhere". Then I said, "Okay, now go and show me where you saw my picture". He said, "I will not because I saw the picture somewhere else, in one of our colleague's bag", referring to the AFRC/RUF men. "I saw it in one of our colleague's bag". And I convinced him and said, "Please, please, please". You know, it becomes something very interesting to me. I said, "Please go and show me where you saw my picture". And then he decided to go and take - not even show me, he decided to go and take this picture.

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