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Somebody - you know it's like an inner man; conviction. Conviction was coming to me, "Go and give yourself up" and the inner man - somebody was telling me, my inner man, "No, go. Just find a way. Go to the bush".

So eventually I got the urge to move and I came out of the bush and said, "Good morning, sirs". Exactly that was what. In fact my voice was so hoarse that I could not even speak properly, everything gone. So I said, "Good morning, sirs. I'm a civilian, sir. I want to come and be with you". That was exactly what I said, I could remember - I can remember. "I am a civilian, sir" and the guys, you know, they themselves were afraid. They held on to their weapons and said, "Who are you?" And they said, "Sit on the floor" and I sat on the floor. Then they approached me with their weapons. They were coming towards me like this.

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