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To ECOMOG. What happened was after the fighting - it was a whole night fact. This happened about 8 o'clock in the evening. And the fight went for the rest of the night until about 4 o'clock in the morning, right. There were heavy rainfall - the fighting start and then about one hour then the rain began to come. We had a heavy rainfall.

So all my experience in the forest was under the rain, you know. So I started going but I didn't know - I was actually listening to where the guns were coming from and whatever resistance, so I was going away from the gun firing, right. And I experienced myself being somewhere. I really got confused where to go. I don't know where to go, because there were bombs being thrown everywhere. Every here and there, you know. I could not even imagine if there is a bomb to be thrown on my head or whatever. So I was moving, just moving like that and I asked God. I said an area - I asked God - I pray, I said, "God, show me where to go" and I saw a white - okay, if I can go into detail.

I saw a white butterfly with a colour like this light ahead of me, so bright. It came around me and it was going around my body and then I saw it later going somewhere. It was going and rest on one leaf and then I would follow it and then it would get up again, go to another and I would follow. That was the way I go and go and go. Finally I arrived at a clear place, a very clear place, and I realised myself being away from where the firing was taking place.

So it was about 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock in the morning, so I just - because all of my body - all over my body wounds and wounds. Everywhere pains. I was actually feeling the whole - you know. So I was really exhausted. Exhausted. So I decided to just lay down. It was like my knees, I could not lie on my body because everywhere are wounds, so I just placed my knee on the floor and I make my arms like this and I rested for a while, you know.

So in the morning, when the place was getting clear, I stood up and I started walking. I saw a footpath and I started walking. So I started approaching. I heard the vehicles going up and down in the time forest. They were going up and down in the forest. So I heard the sound coming from afar. I started approaching this sound. Then I saw the roofs. I began to see some roofs, right, the zinc of the houses. Then I realised that I'm approaching the town.

So approaching the town I heard these men saying something, you know, somebody talking, and I could realise this language is one of the Nigerian language, right. And I then said to myself, "Ah, these are the ECOMOG people and I have to go and surrender myself". Then I came closer to them, just about a distance - it's twice or thrice the distance between these two walls, right. Very close. I was in hiding and --

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