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They were firing from Njaiama Nimikoro end towards the Njala end we came from, right. They were at the entrance of Njaiama Nimikoro. The ECOMOG troops were at the entrance of Njaiama Nimikoro, pointing their weapons away from Njaiama Nimikoro towards the Njala end that we were coming from. "We" referring to myself and the AFRC group that I was with.

And all of a sudden I fell on the ground, right. Because I had nothing to do. I was carrying the G3 weapon and I dropped it. I never fired my own weapon. I dropped it because it was a shock for everybody. It's like we have to run away, because this firing power is - "we" I am referring to myself and the AFRC group that I was with. So I had no options, not to resist or not to do anything. Rather, to flee.

So I dropped the weapon on the ground. I fell on the ground. In fact the shirt I was wearing was like a bright colour. So I thought this shirt is somehow visible in the dark. So I have to remove it. So I removed the shirt and started crawling, right. I started crawling on the floor, on the ground. And then I went off the road, I went in the bushes and the firing was so heavy by the ECOMOG guys. They actually fired all sorts of weapons. Even cannon bombs were fired on us that night. Can you imagine?

And then I found my way going down a particular swamp. The swamp - I even wanted to go down deep into the swamp, but I struggled myself. In fact I was putting on a boot and one of the boot left in the swamp, got left in the swamp, so I was walking one boot on and a bare foot. And I struggled myself out of the swamp and then going - I don't know - I didn't know where I was going.

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