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Tolerance is like - it was like an allowance, they created an allowance. Otherwise they would have just - the ECOMOG troops would have just started open fire on us, right. Firing on us. But they tried to halt us and see whether we will respond by - whether "we" referring to myself and the ECOMOG and the AFRC/RUF group would somehow present a case to surrender. But after a while, this fellow, Foday Bangura said, "Mek wi fet di man dem", pan Krio, "Let us fight the men". That we are referring to the AFRC/RUF group that I was with at that time, to fight the ECOMOG troops or whatever person or - because we never knew whether it was ECOMOG or Kamajors, right. But it exactly happened as that, as I said.

So they started - Foday Bangura started firing his weapon and then few other men - they were not actually firing towards a particular direction, they were just firing like that. You know, like Foday was very close to me because he asked me to be his bodyguard, so he was just firing up the hill, the air.

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