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Some of the AFRC/RUF men were sent on a food-finding mission. They went to Njaiama Nimikoro, the AFRC/RUF men went to Njaiama Nimikoro, and there was nobody there. It was a ghost town so they came up with the report that nobody is living in Njaiama Nimikoro, the place is a ghost town. I am talking "they" the AFRC/RUF men. So we were going with the intention that we would finding nobody in Njaiama Nimikoro. We, myself, referring to myself, and the AFRC/RUF men. We were going with the intention that we would find nobody in Njaiama Nimikoro, not knowing that a day ago or so, there had been a deployment of the number 5 battalion of the Nigerian army, NAMBATT-5, and they were in charge of that Njaiama Nimikoro and the highway between Njaiama Nimikoro to Kenema. So whether they got the information, "they" I am referring to whether the ECOMOG troop that was deployed in Njaiama Nimikoro got the information that we were coming or not, but exactly what happened, we were about to climb after the bridge, immediately after the bridge we, referring to myself and the AFRC/RUF men that captured me, we were about to climb the hill and then immediately we heard somebody saying, "Halt", loud shout "halt" and every one of us, every one of us, referring to myself and the AFRC/RUF group that I was moving with at that time, 61 of us, we felt shock. We were not expecting that kind of thing. And it was a tolerance, according to what the ECOMOG troops informed me later, that they gave a tolerance.

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