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So we had a small confusion - we I am referring to myself and the AFRC/RUF group - of where to pass and where to go through and where not to go through. Eventually the place was dark in the evening and we eventually was able to reach very close - I am referring to myself and the AFRC/RUF group - to Njaiama Nimikoro, but before you reach Njaiama Nimikoro there is a small hill. There is a bridge. After you pass the bridge, if you are coming from a place called Njala - there is one Njala. Around the Njaiama Nimikoro Chiefdom there is a town called Njala. If you are coming from Njala and you are going to pass through another town called Canaan, and then there is a bridge. After you pass a bridge there is a small hill that you climb and then there you are in Njaiama Nimikoro. So, what happened, the ECOMOG troops that were - in fact, let me just explain what happened. A few days before this operation a few men were sent on a food-finding mission to this Njaiama Nimikoro area, a few men referring to --

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