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Okay. If I can break it down for you, let me just take an effort to do it. To my own understanding, I can say he was actually - they were like - they saw themselves being defeated by the ECOMOG and the AFRC guys, the Tejan Kabbah's government, right. "They" referring to the AFRC/RUF men. They saw themselves being defeated. So they were making - all the AFRC/RUF men were making all effort to present a case to the outside world that there should be a kind of - I mean a one to one settlement. One to one settlement, I mean they must come to the table and settle everything, instead of fighting or sending the ECOMOG troops to fight them, to fight the AFRC/RUF men.

My understanding to - because that will actually predict what sort of statement he was saying. My understanding was they were really preaching out or saying out the message - sending out the message to ECOMOG and the Tejan Kabbah's government for them to know that if you want everything to come to an end - if the Tejan Kabbah's government and ECOMOG want everything to come to an end then the fighting is not the solution. In fact that was the reason why they decided to - he decided - he asked me to write the letter, if you can remember the content of the letter, that was why he, Hosana, asked me to write the letter and that's the reason why they amputated that man's arms. That amputated that man's and the letter was put in his pocket.

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