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As I said earlier on, right, when we were in - when we were taken to Njaiama Nimikoro and from Mamboma after the second capture, right, then this Bai Bureh guy came and made some statements, sort of address to us, after which I mentioned the AFRC/RUF guys were making a selection among the civilians, right? It's like an interest. If you have an interest on somebody you say, "Okay, I like this person". For myself, I can give an example of myself. Somebody came and said - he asked me a question. There was one guy also I can remember, whose name was called Emmanuel. I think I mentioned that name on the statement, you know some of these names - well, I gave the statement three years back when I was in second year university and so it's now that I'm actually recalling some of the names again.

Now I mentioned in my statement I think there was another Emmanuel in the group, one guy called Emmanuel. He came to me and asked me a question. He say, "Man, what can you do?" I think I said something like, "I'm a technical man. I can do a lot of technical things". He was admonishing me saying that he - I am talking of Emmanuel saying, "Well, you come and help us. You will assist us in all our technical problems here". He was actually saying that. It was as if he was really interested in me.

And in my statement also I remembered saying that there was a bit of confusion between Esther's group, because Esther's group Daddy Lumba, they selected me to be in the house where their boss, Foday Bangura, in my grandfather's house. They selected me to be there. There was another instance that Jah Spirit came for me. Jah Spirit grew some interest in me and said, "Give me this guy. I want this guy to be with me". I think I went there for a day, I remembered. Jah Spirit succeeded in taking me away from Esther's group, right. And I stayed with Jah Spirit for a day. And Esther's group - of course Esther was a bitter disappointed. He then mobilised another sort of - I mean a meeting with the guys and said, "Please, this guy should come back to me".

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