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The attitude of some of these rebels, referring to the AFRC/RUF men, of course predict what kind of person that they are. They are, I mean the AFRC/RUF, right? But the period I was with them in observations, in whatever they may do and whatever attitude they may put up one way or the other, I personally was able to determine whether this person is somehow violent, or is somebody who is very easy to deal with. That's why I actually concluded that I think I have to put these people into categories, right.

To my observation I knew very well that there are some people, some among them, who were very easy, I can say. For example, I think I mentioned earlier that Kallay Amara was not so wicked with civilians. Kallay Amara was not - there is not an instance that I saw Kallay Amara victimising people, right, but he was involved in the war, he was fighting and he had a weapon.

And if I am to say that Jah Spirit is a wicked man and is part or one of the men who were wicked, it's like I observed it and I noticed it, right, that Jah Spirit is wicked by some of his dealings with the ordinary people. Even myself, I mentioned yesterday something that happened between the two of us. During the training process when he asked me to do something and I tend to refuse not to do it, he threw the magazine on my face or at my face, right?

These are some of the things that happened. I just give an example. There were a lot of things that were happening. Like I gave also an instance where during the training process, when probably you were doing a push-up and you are not doing it properly, he was a man who would take the machete - you know, the back of the machete - and then hit you on the back so hard for you to push-up properly, you know? So, these are some of the instances that proved to me that Jah Spirit is one of the men who were wicked.

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