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What I saw is flames of fire, that houses are being burnt, right, indicating that these are houses that are being burnt. The place was dark obviously. You know, I could not even see the roofs of the houses, but I very well knew that these flames are coming from houses. So we were there. Right up the hill the place was so cold without shirt and late at night because we were observing, observing, hearing the banging of the pans, you know. All of rushing. I was actually getting the sound from afar, everything that was happening. The houses that were burning, the sound of the burning flames, you know.

So I was not even happy actually, but we stayed there on the hill, me and Thomas, and few other guys, and the place was so cold. So I took off the towel round my neck and then put it around Thomas and then like cover him like that. He was actually shivering and then I covered him, you know, and we were there until the morning. The place was so cold, so cold, perfectly cold, and we were there until morning. Of course a few hours or minutes later I decided to come down and I heard these guys saying, "Oh, man, let's don't go back there. Let's go to Kangama."

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