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So we arrived in the evening and then it was a bit calm, right. It was a bit calm. The situation was cool. The security of course I had rest at that time, regardless of the fact that I am a bit discouraged about "A" and "B", you know. So, we arrived there and I just decided to go and take a shower. I decided to go down the stream and get some shower. So I took off my shirt and I was only left with a short pair of trousers and I took the towel around my neck and went down the stream while leaving the women preparing some bush yams for us to take a meal. I haven't eaten anything for the past days.

And after the shower I came up. I wanted to sit down with some other people to have these bush yams and then we sat down. The place was getting dark by then. We sat down and I placed my arm right in the bowl to take a first arm of bush yams. Upon taking these bush yams, this first arm of bush yams up into my mouth, I heard people saying, "Don't run. Don't run. Don't go anywhere. Don't run." Whoa. To my conviction that something is happening. So, I took off. I took off and then ran. I said I am going to run to anywhere.

I took off and ran and also Thomas. Thomas, this is Thomas Bull, the son of my elder brother Samuel Bull was with me. He was following me. We run, run, run, run. And we run. We fled that town Mamboma. We heard no gunshot, right. We heard no gunshot. We fled Mamboma and then reached somewhere, another village after Mamboma, and we met some guys there. They were around the fire playing together. We said, "Are you guys sitting here? There is something happening in the town." They say, "What are you coming here with? What have you come with? You want a problem?" I said, "Man, I am saying something fruitful. We were in Mamboma and we heard something like a movement. There were some guys who were saying 'Don't run. Don't run.' I think something is happening in Mamboma" and the guys I think felt it. They realised that I am saying the truth and they say, "Okay, let's go there." So they mobilised themselves and they said they were going to check, right.

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