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Now, when we were in hiding, we used to have a problem of getting salt and this seasoning, we call it Maggi, you know, which if you don't have it on your food, cooking your food, you won't have a proper taste. So, we usually have a problem of getting salt and this Maggi thing. Then normally we used to know that people are coming far from this Kangama end buying these things.

I remember we bought I think a small plastic tied with salt of about 5,000 leones, can you imagine? The normal price used to be 100 leones or so. 5,000 leones we bought it at that time. So, people used to go to Kangama. There are people who were involved in business during the war. There are people, actually their whole life is they go and get themselves, befriend themselves with the rebels and they jump again go over to, you know, there were people who were involved in business. Some of them were even buying diamonds and so on and so forth.

So there are some people who actually go to Kangama, get these food items, important food items, come fight their way down to where people are actually in need of this, you understand. So, everybody in that town was, you know, you can see that people are busy at that time. A lot of people - a lot and lot of people, yes.

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