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Yes. Pikin of course, these are - Pikin, according to the age of Pikin by then, he was about the same age as I was by then, 18, 19, very small. In fact I'm a little bit taller. I was a bit taller than him. I profess that these are the voluntary civilians, because by then civilians may decide to join them, you know. You may decide to join them. These are the voluntary civilians that may join them probably partaking in some of the wickedness and so they actually - I mean endorsed that this guy must be with us, so I could not say, or I cannot say that Pikin is SLA because the age of Pikin, or the height of Pikin by then was not to warrant him, or I mean qualify him to be a soldier, or the appearance cannot - I cannot even judge for him to be an RUF. He was a young looking boy, you know. He was speaking Krio and the Krio was good and sound, you know. And of course I cannot say he is an SLA or RUF, but voluntary - voluntary civilians that joined them.

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