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Yes, yes, my brother was making like this. He was making like this. You know, I didn't know. It was later that I knew that he was telling me to run, we need to run, because all of their attention was on this palm wine tapper, right. Then all of a sudden I heard my brother running and then they say, "Hey, one man has run away. One man has run away". And then they said, "Who is that guy?", and Ngobeh said, "It's his brother". He was pointing at me saying that it is my brother who has ran away. I said, "Oh, you are going to suffer for him". Ah, another plead. Another plead. I started pleading, pleading and pleading. I said, "Please, please, my friend, don't kill me. That guy is just a brother, he is just a blood relation. Me and him, we don't have the same heart. I love you. I like you. Don't kill me. Don't do me anything. You are going to suffer for him." And they were all pouncing on me, sort of trying to threaten me, pointing the gun at me, as if they wanted to kill me, you know.

I was pleading, "Don't kill me, please. That guy is just a brother. Don't kill me." I said, okay, well at the end of the day they decided that I should carry the load that he was carrying. That was the last thing they decided on. So eventually, Ngobeh started hitting this palm wine tapper. He used the gun butt. He was hitting this guy aggressively. He variously was hitting this guy and the guy was bleeding all about his body.

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