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Ngobeh is also one of the AFRC/RUF who we met along and Ngobeh - for me I can say Ngobeh to what I saw, you know, like on sight, judging on sight, he was an RUF guy because his appearance was shabby, rugged and the facial - you know, the eyes are so red, a lot of marks, you know, the hair so bushy. You know what I mean, their appearance? And of course I was observing by then that some of these SLA guys, their appearance may be so good somehow, right, and the RUF fellow they are so rough. They cannot be clean. Not all of them, but a good number of them. They cannot be clean. They can't even wash. You understand? You know, so facially or visually I can take a judgment on them that Ngobeh - as I'm saying, Ngobeh is an RUF guy.

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