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The AFRC/RUF guys and I saw the things were scattered, you know. All our things were scattered, you know. They went into our bags, take - like for me, they take some of my electronic gadgets, my camera, few other things, money and then I came to realise - somebody told me that "A" was taken, has been taken. And then I didn't know how I felt at that time, you know. I didn't know how I felt because it was a shock. Everything was like - I don't know how I felt that time.

I was holding the machete in my hand and I just hit one of the wood - there was a wood we used to hold small rope, I hit it and everything dropped and my brother was afraid. He thought that I'm going to destroy somebody and then I fell on the ground. You know, I cried. I shouted and then I said, "No, I'm going to go after these guys", the AFRC guys and RUF. I said, "I'm going to go after them. It will not happen to me." And then I started running and my brother - my elder brother and father saying, "Emmanuel, why are you going? Don't go there. These guys have guns. They have guns. They have weapons with them. Don't go there."

I said, "No, whatever is going to happen, let it happen, I'm going there." And I started running and then my elder brother and father also started running after me and I heard my father saying, "Emmanuel why are you going?" He said, "Emmanuel, don't go. You want to kill me? If you go then I'm dead." He said, you know - I heard him crying and then I decided to stay back and then --

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