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Yes, we were there, and one day me, my elder brother Samuel and a guy - I mean a guy who has now been killed, Thomas Kobie, he used to work for my father, he is a miner, a very experienced miner, he has worked for my father for over 10/15 years and three of us would go out to get these bush yams, you know. We would go out miles and miles away to look for bush yams and then we would go in the morning and then come somewhere in the evening, somewhere around in the evening, and then the ladies - few of the ladies would just go few metres away from the cave to get the leaves, you know, we used some of these leaves as part of the food we were eating, you know.

So one day me, my elder brother and Thomas, we went out to get these bush yams. On our way coming down, because the cave is like - it is surrounded by a small hill, right, and there you have the cave. So underneath - inside the cave we put some of our belongings and we were just - we put some small shelters around so of course the size of the cave is not enough to host all of us there, so we just put some of our things there and then outside we were - I mean lying on the floor. And what I'm saying is that the cave is surrounded by a hill, so you have to climb the hill, go down the other side and then you can take a walk to somewhere else.

So we - after taking the bush yams for the whole of the day, coming down it's about 4 o'clock and we were just coming down and I heard a gunshot, right. I heard a gunshot. So it was a shock for me and my brother. See, we looked at ourselves like this, "What?" Because we never dreamed of a gunshot coming from that place, right. It's like we were not expecting that. We said what? And my brother said "Jesus" and then I said "Let's go back." So we ran up the hill again and take coverage in one area. So we were there. We were just praying. I was just praying, saying, "God what is happening? What is happening with my people?"

And then we stayed there for some time and then we - for just about 30 minutes and I said, "No", you know, "we have people there, I have my relatives there, I have my younger ones there, we need to go. Whatever may happen, let's go there. I will go." And then I stood up and my brother and Thomas followed me and then we reached. Fortunately we reached there, the guys had left already. So we - I was there then --

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