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We were there and then I was following up, as I said, I had a radio with me and I was listening to news and the Sierra Leone broadcasting station also was broadcasting over a short wave. I also tuned my radio to short wave and get news about what is happening in Freetown by then and we were then hiding and I was waiting for the time for ECOMOG to reach Kono. That was our dream and we were anxious to hear that ECOMOG has reached Kono and we had nowhere to go and of course we had little children with us and we thought of being there until the ECOMOG people reached Kono before ever we leave that place and we were just feeding on rats, bush yams and other - I mean bush foods. And that was our activity every day. We had to pray together and then the rain would come and we would get wet and in the morning we dried up our things and then - life is like not good under the cave really, but we were just waiting, you know. I was waiting to hear that ECOMOG is now in Kono and the security situation is now safe before one can get out of that cave.

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