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Yes. Just staying on that rule, Mr Munyard, as you know there is an appeal pending in regard to that decision of July 2004, but you have read out Rule 75(F) and it says that "once protective measures have been ordered ...", et cetera, "... such protective measures shall continue to apply mutatis mutandis".

Well the ruling of the Court in relation to the July 2004 decision was that no protective measures had been made in regard to that particular witness, but this case is different in that the present witness actually came before this Trial Chamber in the AFRC case and we did - quite independently of that 2004 decision we did apparently on 27 June 2005 order protective measures, and it may be that I think Ms Howarth is arguing now that those protective measures ordered in the AFRC case by this Trial Chamber apply mutatis mutandis to these proceedings.

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