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Your Honour, I'm grateful. Yes, we are. Your Honour, that witness is subject to protective measures. Those protective measures were initially granted by Trial Chamber I from the decision of 5 July 2004 in the case of Prosecutor v Sesay, Kallon and Gbao. Those measures were firstly a pseudonym; secondly a screen; and, thirdly, that any identifying information be sealed and not be part of the public records.

Your Honour, this is a witness who has testified twice before this Court previously: first in the case of Prosecutor v Fofana and Kondewa on 11 February 2005; and, secondly, in the case of Prosecutor v Brima, Kamara and Kanu before your Honours and that was on 27 June 2005. Your Honours, he testified subject to those protective measures on both of those occasions.

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